Shower Kit
Shower Kit
Hand-Held Shower Head
Hand-Held Shower Head


Get ready to install our latest model, 8 * 8 settings high-quality Captain Eco Combo shower head:

  • Universal U.S. Standard
  • Self-cleaning jets that prevent lime, debris, and hard water deposits (Rub-clean Jets) 360°
  • High quality, and durable ball joint (angle adjustment)
  • Modern design
  • Free Teflon Tape
  • Limited Lifetime support
  • Perfect choice for the entire family including babies, children, and pets.
  • Grade A ABS Face Quality, TPR Nuzzles Durable Silicone Washers, Solid hard ABS body, and Chrome exterior finish on the body.

If you want to use less water and still have a great shower experience our shower head is the best choice:

  • Water-saving modes
  • Pressure mode

Here are the 8 settings of our shower head:

  • Multi Shower (Pressure Mode)
  • Power Rain Shower (Eco Mode)
  • Relax Massage Shower (Eco Mode)
  • Wide Rain Shower (Eco Mode)
  • Hitting Shower (Eco Mode)
  • Full Body Shower (Pressure Mode)
  • Eco Shower (Eco Mode)
  • Spray Mode (Eco Mode)

Now your kids and pets won’t dread shower time!


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