Top 7 Shower Filters In 2020

Every time you think about tap water, perhaps you considered it an essential part of your life that is purely clean. Surely this is not the whole truth and certainly not what you’ve signed up for! We all seek out this fluid that is absolutely essential for our life and we certainly want it to be healthy and sustainable.

Each exposure to the regular home water supply makes more prone to absorb chlorine, fluorine, trihalomethanes, pesticide, and other undesirable mixtures. These are all the mixture you in the tap water you are not aware of. Consequently, regular tap water gives you unwanted health outcomes. At this point you and me we all come to the conclusion that there should be a better way around.

We neglect this fact but drinking tap water can be dangerous. By default, the sources of tap water are refined in the water refinery capitals in the city. However, something is neglected and that is the feed line.

The regular tap water is sometimes smelly and doesn’t taste good. Also, tap water doesn’t contain minerals and many health-benefiting ingredients. The best shower filter at least has 5 stages of water purification stages. And each stage has an exclusive removing system.

If the water goes a long way, then the probability of getting polluted via decades-old pipelines is high. Often tap water gets polluted with dust debris. As old as these pipelines water source gets more contaminated with more viruses and bacteria. and this higher the chances of involvement of microorganisms.

Have you ever noticed when you turn your kitchen tap and you see the brown or reddish water flows to the sink? Or the water you have frequent exposure to is smelly? if you see these two signs it signifies that there is iron in your local water supply.

Different formation of rock and soil leak into the pipeline and the soil surrounding these will bring iron and this contaminates the water. Because iron spreads only with a tiny percentage, it’s concentration distributes very quickly and you end up with a seeable color in the water.

Once iron is in your water, this supply can be categorizing as heavy water. even if you try to cook with it, the iron contamination won’t get dissolved. For instance, if your preparing a dish with vegetables, then, for the most part, these greens will absorb the iron and their color turns into black.

Since this phenomenon is very common. The consequence of iron contamination would be dry skin. On top of that, you see often stains with orange color on the bathroom supplies and dark tone colors on the washed clothes.

How to combat all these? Follow along to figure out the smartest solutions.

Find out which shower filter is the right choice for you?

 Initial step: identifying the type of contamination in your water supply

The best shower filter system eliminates 99% of particles such as arsenic, chlorine, chloride, heavy metals, viruses and bacteria and other forms of contamination. The optimum case removes near to 1000 contaminates.

Each one of the shower filters noted above is good at removing a certain type of contaminants. By all the considerations you need to test the running water in your home or relevant places. Only at this point, you can understand which option is the best pick for your particular usage.

  • Check the water pH: Commonly you may find typical hardness such as pesticides, viruses, and bacteria. However, these are not all. testing the water pH is equally important because water acidity and taste can be identified with pH level.

How to measure the quality of water and its pH?

For this purpose, purchasing a water testing kit is a great first step. A good quality test kit determines water standard via 170 diverse factors. Essential water test kits control the presence of 8 different forms of bacteria, granted if the room temperature doesn’t influence the state of bacteria.

When you want to pick out a suitable water quality testing kit, you should pay attention to three main aspects. those are the water source you want to examine, the testing procedure and the targeted contaminants.

Surly testing public supply requires another method in comparison with regular home water supply or pool. Each testing kit is formulated differently, therefore, the source of water is an important consideration. Certain water testing kits are good for identifying specific particles while others only specify the ubiquitous of bacteria and viruses.  Below we introduce four types of water quality testing kits and you can choose one that meets your needs:

  1. If you are looking for an easy, fast and DIY solution, water testing quality kit with strips are the proper water quality examiners. This type ensures that water doesn’t have major quality problems and in general terms, it is an indication of the fact that further testing is not needed. Yet strip water quality test doesn’t provide detailed specifications.
  2. A more dependable choice is specific strips that test different components. For this, a series of strips are used to test the availability of copper, iron, lead, toxin components like fertilizers and pesticides. A pack of these strips is designed to control nitrates and nitrites as well. The amount of all these unwanted particles is shown on the strips after the end of the water quality test. If you don’t want to spend time and money taking a result from a professional laboratory this can be a good option.
  3. The two water quality testers above are a one-time trial. This means you cannot make a firm decision about the quality of on-going water. A multi-use testing kit can be very beneficial for regular water quality tests. Within a package of multi-use drinking water test kit, you get at least 100 tests. Each test clearly indicates the amount of 9 crucial water contaminants like copper and iron. The strips show the pH level as well as the allowed amount of chlorine.  The only disadvantage is that this water quality testing kit is not sufficient in terms of checking the bacteria. If you are suspicious about the presence of bacteria you need to perform separate testing.
  4. Bacteria water test kits are exclusively designed to double-check Coli and fecal coliform, legionella, enteroviruses such as echoviruses and coxsackieviruses. This test provides you with a clear answer about the presence and type of virus. Bacteria water test often comes with a couple of strips that check the level of nitrites and nitrates.

Along with the water quality checker and solutions mentioned above, you can also get a quality report from an authoritative source.  This will bring you certainty about the health of the water. The only disadvantage is that once for example a sample of tap water is taken, depending on the temperature and conditions the combination of the molecules and contaminates may change due to the various aspects like varying temperature, etc.

The best shower filters 

When you understand the level of contamination in the source, it is time to think about the resolvents. If you are searching for the best shower filter for your home you need to pay attention to a number of criteria. Generally, four main particularities should be considered and those are the capability of filtration, quality, and durability aligned with the customer experience and price point.

A good quality shower filter should be consistent with premium results for at least a couple of years. And it certainly needs great customer service. The usage of the faucet as such may not be easy at first and technical difficulties should be resolved via supporting services.

To set the expectation, a great quality shower filter should be able to eliminate lead, mercury, arsenic, cyst, rust, and dust, balance out the high level of chlorine and neutralize bad smell and taste.

In the first step, it’s good to understand the concepts behind shower filters’ technologies and shower filter systems. Common shower filter structures noted below:

  • Activated carbon
  • Ceramic
  • Distillation
  • Reverse osmosis
  • UV
  • Multistage technology 

If you cut off the water supply, you can survive for a long time. Therefore, water means life. Every molecule within the body is made of water even a significant portion of bone is made of water. To be precise 25 percent. It is recommended to drink up 2.4 liters of water on a daily basis to remain in healthy statues all the time.

The shortcut is easy. a great shower filter will free you from buying any bottled water and bring health to all the aspects of your body. Good quality water should lead you to drink water more regularly. Especially if you are in an arid climate area, it is essential to double up the amount of your water intake. Drinking At least 16 cups of water is necessary for the health of the body.

How does every water filtration work?

The water molecule format is often overlooked. However, it has an uncommon structure. The structure causes a better state of dissolving for almost everything. At first glance, this seems to be a very good feature. You simply throw your dirty clothes in the washing machine and water like a magnet will absorb all the dust and dirt. However, there come some disadvantages along with it!

Water constantly is circulating and as long as it is in a cycle it will absorb unwanted mixture to itself. The next stream of water from the tap will either end up in your glass, washing machines or bath and bathroom.

Now there is always this doubt and it is not certain that the water you end up with what cycle it went through. At every stage, water can attract and dissolve dirt in itself.

Basically shower filters, in the general picture, utilize two diverse techniques to eliminate the dirt. One is physical filtration and the other one is a chemical purification system. The first system removes larger particles. For instance, a thin textile membrane can be removed by a physical filtration of water. The second method as noted above is chemical filtration. Water runs through active materials that either chemically or organically remove impurities. In the following section, each technology is discussed with more details.

How activated carbon shower filter works?

In a carbon filtered water system, there are many holes in each section which makes the shower filter similar to the sponge.

By this undesired gasses and particles are attached to carbon and other components in the water purification. Then remaining diminutive particle is attracted to the activated carbon layer. Simply All the contaminants get filled up in these ridges on the carbon plate.

This system of water filtration can eliminate most particles and contaminants. However, some contaminants like limescale won’t get removed or dissolved via carbon activated shower filter.

Other micro-impurities like charcoal and fluoride as well as sodium and nitrate will remain in the water. Another drawback in carbon activated water filtration system is that those ridges mentioned above get clog up. This means that after some time the carbon plate should either get replaced or the whole carbon activated water filtration needs to be changed.

This system of water filtration is the most common for household systems. They are also known as activated carbon granules. Innately carbon is made from burning wood in the absence of oxygen supply. This material has a considerable internal area and this part is filled with may crannies. These sub-sections attract and trap chemical impurities through absorption.

While carbon activated shower filter is great for low scale impurities such as chlorine-based chemicals and common wastes in the water, they simply cannot cope with the hard water. Hard water includes nitrates and sodium and activated carbon water filter is unable to deal with this sort of water.

If you have large particles in the tap water that is seeable, activated carbon filters are the first options for you. Activated carbon filters easily absorb silt and sediment in the water.

Because of the structure of an activated carbon shower filter, the amount of chlorine and other components that make water stinky decreases. The result is a more pleasant source of tap water that is useable for a drink and many other activities.

What is the reverse osmosis shower filter?

Reverse osmosis water filtration system often caught the sight. The initiation of this water system was by the goal of segregating the sea salt from the seawater. since then it has evolved and along with many inventions, it has become a popular choice for water purification systems.

Then may companies initiate to use this method to preserve bottled water from a diverse range of contaminants. At the kernel of this purifying system, there is a semi-permeable membrane.

The name of this purification system refers to the pressure is used to segregate the particles from the water molecules. Simply water s forced out from the membrane and the unwanted particles cannot pass through this.

This water purification system is a noticeable choice because it almost removes all the unwanted particles and contaminants in the water. The refined water for home use will be premium, odor-free and pleasant.

In facile terms, following this technology, a very fine filter is put into this water purification system. Water passes through this via imposed pressure. Once this happens water gets passed by while the contaminates particles remain. Via a closer look at the reverse osmosis water filtration, we can understand it’s architecture.

When we have a mixture of two solutions, there is a need to segregate the less concentrated solution from the semi-concentrated part. While passing through a permeable membrane the liquid endeavors to rearrange it’s structure so that both have the same concentration.

A deeper look reveals that water moves flow under osmotic pressure. This means that osmosis causes water to flow in one direction-from the less concentrated to the more concentrated side.

To purify the water reverse osmosis will act the other way around. Water will be imposed to flow from a more concentrated part to the less congested division. For this, a sort of energy should be spent and the actual procedure is done by electrically powered pumps.

The membranes can be made from various combinations. The stages are as follows: the water comes through the filter, at first traps, the larger particles and those could be sediment and silt. Later water goes through RO membrane and at this stage, all the impurities and contaminants will get the filter out. In the final stage, all the miniature impurities get removed. And water is ready for a drink and other eatable usages. The result is crystal clear water that is truly pleasant to drink.

The reverse osmosis shower filter has a similar outcome like carbon activated shower filter. This purification system is capable of eliminating salt, nitrate, and limescale and other contaminates as such.  A downside of reverse osmosis filter is that it produces a drastic amount of wastewater.  For instance, in some cases, reverse osmosis may end up with a ratio of 1 to 4 which means only one liter of clean water will be produced out of 5 total.

What is the ion-exchange water filtration system? 

Ion exchange water filtration is great at eliminating the limescale and softening the water. The straight forward procedure is that it electrically charge the electrons of the atom, then trap the ions and exchange them with the good ones.

In the hard water, you in most cases find a compound of magnesium and calcium. When hard water gets to pass through ion exchanger water filtration this compound breaks into separate particles.  The filter finds the ions of these two and substituted them with their sodium ions.

The advantage of this purification system is that it gets rid of troublesome ions. Ion exchange is typically made of zeolite beads and these beads contain sodium ions. Because of this base ion exchanger, the water purification system finds other contaminants attractive. So the ions won’t contain calcium and magnesium as they scape from the filter and are exchanged with the embedded ions in the base of the filter.

A drawback in this system is that the ion-exchange system might replace other unwanted ions with the harmful ones. A case of this is that if you have a particular diet that obliges you to consume no sodium then this purification system doesn’t seem to be the proper choice.

In simple terms, the control over the end result of ion exchange water purification is not certain. There is less control over this and the term wholly clean water is not very just.

Additionally, after some time you are required to recharge the ion-exchanger filter. In most cases, you need to specific kind of salt designed for this kind of shower filter.

The third type is water ionizers. Taken from the name within this water purification system. Simply this means that water is purified with two plates and these two are charged with electricity.  Precisely two different streams cause the water purification. This water ionizer is a great option since it lowers the acidity level of the water.

What is UV shower filtration system?

The next option is one of the newest trends in the market. UV shower filters utilize ultraviolet radiations to refine the water components and molecules. By this type of radiation, they directly destroy the unwanted health-damaging contaminants like viruses and bacteria.

Additionally, you can use an infrared filter to bring more softness to the water. The basic concept is that this type of water purification system uses light and heat to remove unwanted particles and provide more softness for the water.

What is the ceramic shower filtration system?

The structure of ceramic water filtration is similar to carbon activated system. In this sense, diminutive pores on the surface of ceramic absorb the unwanted particles in the water.  This filtration system is a fine choice since it has an organic and natural process of filtration. A network of pores is in charge of removing all the contaminants. And mentioned water filtration system is very versatile since it can be used in under-sink, countertop, bathroom, and other sites. Aside from this, even low scale industries can benefit from this natural system of water refining.

From the point of customers, the best benefit after it’s non-chemical system is the price point. For a water filtration via the ceramic base, you’d pay a price range of $100 to $200 dollars. Additionally, the maintenance service of ceramic is easier since they can be cleaned and reused. So from every point, they are eco-friendly.

By nature, since there are millions of pores on the surface of the ceramic, water without any further force will flow through them. In the internal section of the filter, there is a predesigned maze-like section. This part further helps out to catch any other particles that are remained.

The ceramic water filtration is significantly helpful since the internal complexity and millions of pores will eliminate the source of sediments and bacteria.

A ceramic shower filtration system, you can successfully remove the source of shigella, salmonella, and E.coli. In the whole picture the microbiologically unsafe drinking water with contaminates noted before and other harmful substances like giardia and cryptosporidium get eliminated and make the water safe to drink. So, in this case, ceramic filtration water can be a good investment for seemingly unsafe drinking water.

Type of ceramic shower filter

  • Ceramic filter water with a layer of silver: When a layer of silver is applied on the ceramic plate in the shower filter with this base, it will significantly enhance the bacteriostatic and sterilizing features.  The usability of this is that when you have a stagnant source of water it won’t be influenced by mold growth or development of algae in it.
  • Ceramic shower filter with activated carbon technology: This water filtration is the best if you have a higher level of chlorine in your supply of water. The carbon component aligned with the ceramic effectively normalizes the level of this. Moreover, it decreases the level of volatile organic compounds or VOCs. (The VOCs can be agricultural and human wastes as well as pesticides that you often find in the water in the suburb area.)
  • Ceramic shower filter with ion-exchange technology: Mercury and copper and other heavy metals as such these will be removed by a ceramic shower filter that is upgraded with the ion-exchange technology. If you have constant exposure to the hard water this filtration system can be a good nominee for your particular use.

How multi-stage shower filter technology works?


As you can see there are some overlaps between each type of shower filter. Some of these methods are highly effective in removing certain elements while other types are efficient at eliminated other components. In a multistage water technology, each cartridge and level is responsible for targeting and filtring a certain type of contamination. The leveling of each method is very important and a factor to consider while choosing the right shower filter.

It often happens that in modern water filtration systems one stage gets repeated twice for a precise purification. For instance, if reverse osmosis is the chief technology used in a modern multi-stage shower filter then it is likely two carbon filters will be set in the layers. Carbon activated filters are put in the downstream section of the purification capsule to attract larger particles. This will be proceeded by the membrane filter. the later is in charge of removing remaining residues in the water.

In brief multistage shower filter offers a strict step by step filtration and this is done through combinational media. The ultimate outcome is a better absorptive quality in line with contaminant rejection. In the following section you can through an example understand what each stage would do.

A modern shower filter with at least has 13 sages of refining:

  1. The first layer is considered as pre-filter and in this part, five-micron sediments are embedded.
  2. At the stage, two certain models are equipped with a coconut shell that is integrated with a carbon filter.
  3. As it proceeds water goes the purification steps. Often reverse osmosis membrane is placed in the third layer.
  4. Purification goes further with combinational De-ionization
  5. Another specifically targeted De-ionization is placed right after the stage fourth for extra purification.
  6. In the midsection, a holding tank is placed so that water enters into the next stages.
  7. In the further layers, sterilization and restructuring occur. For this in the seventh stage, ultraviolet light (UV) is used.
  8. In the close to end layers, restructuring of the molecule happen. It is known as molecule coherence.
  9. One of the astonishing stages in the water is restructuring the homeopathic Memory. This is known as water memory and it means water keeps a memory of substances that previously were dissolved in it. To fully counteract the effect of noxious components, the chain of water molecules get reorganized.
  10. Enhancing and adding natural minerals is done in the tenth stage.
  11. Additional organic earth properties join to the water in the often 11th stage.
  12. In the terminating stages, water becomes smoother by lowering the tension
  13. Additional mineral components are added to water in the final stage.

An example: Iron removal in the water

For every water contamination, you can find a specific type of shower filter. For instance, there is an iron shower filter that minimizes the amount of iron in the water. The best point about this type of shower filter is that they require the least amount of maintenance. You get to the filtration system in the best possible condition. The water softener with this technology eliminates iron and magnesium. The shower filter as such will reduce the impurities to the maximum.

Often these systems are equipped with the non-electric dosing system. The best point about the water filtration system is that they have an organic system. This signifies that water systems are salt-free and completely eco-friendly. There are 4 stages of water purification in this system that ensures avoidance of stains, iron and unwanted dosage of other heavy metal.

Top 7 shower filters in the market in 2020

1.Captaineco Multi-Stage Shower Filter with 2 Replacement Cartridges: In this water filtration system, the maintenance is joined with great supporting service. Captaineco universal shower filter is an effective purification system designed to minimize the amount of chlorine. It also effectively eliminates fungi, rust, residue, and odor.

This multistage shower filter is multipurpose as it removes bacteria, virus and atypical contaminates. Whether it’s usage is at home or in a semi-industrial environment, it drastically softens your water supply. This model benefits from combo technologies. Thanks to ceramic balls with sulfite and activated carbon calcium coverage, and an automatic KDF 55 media the end result is seamless. On top of all, this shower filter has another joined technology in line with the rest and that is polypropylene cotton filter.

With this extra filtration stage, the possibility of the availability of microorganisms in the water is none. The optimum advantage of Captaineco universal shower filter is its top price point parallel with great properties such as facial installation, a comprehensive package that comes with 2 other cartridges and a premium soft and nourishing water that is highly desirable to use. Captaineco multi-stage shower filter has the following compartments within itself:

  • Inflow holes
  • Polypropylene cotton filter
  • NUT carbon shell
  • Coconut shell carbon
  • Maifan balls
  • KDF 55 media
  • Calcium sulfite
  • NI ceramic balls
  • Carbon activated layer
  • Another polypropylene cotton filter
  • Steel mesh prior to the outflow part

2. Aquabliss Rejuvia HD Shower Filter: out second item on the list is an ideal choice for those who want to have soft skin texture every time they do a cleansing routine. Aquabliss Rejuvia HD Shower filter is systematized in a way that promotes the restoration of pH balance. After using this water purification system for a period of time you see lustrous skin and hair or shall we say HD looking nail and skin.

The great feature of this shower filter is its handheld design, a multistage filtration which is facilitated with redox filter media, and exclusive sediment blockage. This shower filter comes with a 12-months warranty. However, the initial package doesn’t include multiple cartridges and the price point stands higher in comparison with Captaineco shower filter. This shower filter is designed for maximum hair and skin benefits.

3. Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower shower Filter: This model from Aquasana has a slightly different approach to the previous models. Along with the aim of water filtration, Aquasana AQ-4100 deluxe water filter refines the surrounding air as well. This water system uses a carbon filter with an extra shell of a coconut. This allows further blockage of harsh components and minimizes the amount of semi-heavy metals such as copper and zinc. Moreover, it is a great chlorine balancer. The unnecessary amount of this will be filtered out by Aquasana AQ-4100 deluxe. 

4. Culligan WH-HD200-C Whole House Sediment Filter: This water filter is made of stainless still and a good choice for long-term home application. Culligan WH-HD200-C whole house sediment filter has an effective bypass system for separating rust, sand, silt, and other harmful material and large particles such as sand and soil and rock.

This model of Culligan can operate under moderate to high water pressures. However, it requires a lithium battery to function. This feature of WH-HD200-C shower filter doesn’t make a total eligible choice. the reason is that besides the need for cartridge replacement you are obliged to charge the battery from time to time. This means Culligan maintenance service comes with more obligations for the customers.

5. Aquahomegroup Shower shower Filter (15 Stage) with Vitamin C: This shower filter is designed to refine hard water. This model comes with one additional cartridge. Aquahomegroup shower water filter (15 stages) with vitamin C has acceptable practicality in terms of removing the heavy particles and metals. the internal cartridges are upgraded with Vitamin C and E. This feature makes this shower filter superior purification technology in the market. The technology used in this water filter is alkaline ceramic balls, activated carbon stage attached to a calcium sulfite layer and a KDF 55 media. This combinational technology revitalizes the body in diverse aspects.

6.Whirlpool Salt Saving 33000-Grain Water Softener: This shower filter has the unordinary design as you can see it is a sink-tank layout. with this product, you can get a five-year warranty which tops other shower filters in its category. Whirlpool salt saving 33000-grain water softener automatically shows the amount of available salt in the water and adjust this to the desired dosage. perhaps the best tasting home water can be experienced with this system. Aside from balancing the amount of sodium chloride in the water, it also informs the user about its daily consumption of water. this can be a great advantage for using less water and preserving the water source. However, this water filtration system is not fully capable of eliminating all the harmful components and contaminants. It also takes considerable space in comparison with the other options in the market.

7. SITAFL 15-Stage Vitamin C Shower Filter with Two Replacement Cartridges: This water system simply doesn’t use KDF55 filtration layer. Sitafl 15-stage vitamin C shower filter is equipped with Redox which effectively removes heavy components in the water. this also with a higher rate removes the bacteriostatic effect in tap water. the design comes with a universal interface. this makes the installation and daily application much easier.

This shower filter comes with two extra cartridges with a fairly moderate price point. This water filtration system aside from activated carbon removal, KDF55 plate for comprehensive chlorine removal is equipped with mineralized and magnetic balls. these two remove heavy metals such as mercury and zinc. also. The nanotechnology used in this system including micro-porous pp cotton filter out all the sediments, dust and rust. on top of this medial stone with distributing the source of vitamin C embedded in the Sitafl 15-stage water filter will have an extensive nourishing effect on the body. 

This product also has an eye-catching price point. However, the major drawback is that its effectiveness can extend to the maximum 10,000 gallons of water. In each bath routine expectedly 30 to 50 gallons of water will be used. a simple calculation will show that you are obliged to change the cartridge constantly for the optimum result. for moderate size family, this may not be a good choice since after a couple of months you need to change the cartridge. 

Top 7 shower filters in the market in 2020 in a nutshell

Brand Price point Advantages  Disadvantages
Captaineco Multi-Stage Shower Filter with 2 Replacement Cartridges                $ 34.97 Great price pointComes with two cartridgesExcellent supporting serviceAll the stages are organic it doesn’t have an additional layer for infusing vitamines
Aquabliss Rejuvia HD Shower Filter                 $36.82 Targeted specifically for smooth skin and healthy hairHandheld design12 months warranty It’s not highly practical for other typical usagespackage doesn’t  include other cartridges
Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter                 $46.99 Refines the water and the surrounding air filters a wide range of contaminates doesn’t come with an extra cartridge
Culligan WH-HD200-C Whole House Sediment Filter                  $58.19 works efficiently with high-pressure water  Works with lithium batterydoesn’t have a warranty
Aquahomegroup Shower Water Filter (15 Stage) with Vitamin C                  $39.71 has an additional stage for infusing vitamines The life span of cartridges, specially Vitamine  infused layer is short
Whirlpool Salt Saving 33000-Grain Water Softener                      $661.69  has a five-year warrantycontrols the water consumption with notifications only removes salt and balances the chlorine
SITAFL 15-Stage Vitamin C Shower Filter with Two Replacement Cartridges                   $60.48 Comes with two additional cartridgeshas an additional stage for infusing vitamines  it has a short life span and needs to be changed more often

Showerhead water filter-a great alternative

Everyday self-cleaning and bathing start via the shower. Your body gets the most exposure to tap water through this channel and it is evident that pick a model that you’re confident about. A suitable showerhead comes with features such as showering options and extensive water filtration. Along with that, they have great value for their price point.

When you want to choose the best shower head water filter in the market, you should decide about the spray pattern, the flow and its capacity of handling various water pressure.

One of the highly beneficial aspects of installing a shower head filter is that at least you bring down the possibility of volatile organic compounds. Inline shower filters are designed to be installed between the main water supply and the arm and they are the easiest and most affordable options in the market.

How to choose the best shower head water filter?

Among the different types of water filters, there are three main types of wall-mounted single-head, ceiling, and hand-held. Especially If you don’t have the plan to invest in a water filtration system for the long term, then a shower head water filter is a great choice. when you want to pick the right one you need to pay attention to:

  • Filtration capacity 
  • The capability of controlling water pressure 
  • The spray pattern 
  • Energy consumption 
  • Adjustability and installation 

The best shower head water filter selections

  1. Captaineco Combo Shower Head (hand-Held, Shower Head, fixed Shower Head): This shower filter features 8 by 8 setting which means it combines 8 diverse water flow types with one another. The sprays pattern in the Captainco combo shower head has a water rainfall pattern. This creates a smooth and pleasurable bathing experience for every single member of the family including your pets even! this model comes with three other extensions and you can easily divert between either hand-held or fixed version. The distinguishing feature of Captaineco shower head filter head is that you can have a modern approach of installation via the combo model and have a more luxurious experience with dual shower heads and two different head sprays at the same time. Maximum versatility can be experienced via this model.
  2. AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head Set: The passing water through this model gets infused by the vitamin E and C which brings extra refreshing effect to the scent and body. This is a little bit pricier product to buy and purchasing one equal the amount you’d invest in models noted above as they have a longer span of maintenance. Although you have a Spa effect in your home bath, the vitamin-infused shower filter needs regular replacement to work effectively. Overall this model has great health benefits yet higher maintenance requirements and price points.
  3. Aspior High-Pressure Shower Head: This showerhead has a slightly different structure. Aspior showerhead is equipped with lemon balm. This removes all the buildups and citrus scent in the shower alters your mood for better. The spray pattern in this model has a solid form. on the surface of the head, 192 individual nozzles are put and they spread the water in one solid direction. If you wish to have multiple spraying effect then you need to adjust your base and shower arm for this. The price point of Aspior high-pressure shower head is 21.97$ dollars and for the replacement of vitamin C filter water, you need to pay a higher price of $21.99. 

Over the last decade, the amount of chlorine in the water has increased, responding to the concurrent approach of water refineries. Constant exposure to the water that is contained chlorine, a simple and normal looking substance as this, according to the American Journal of health will extremely increase the chance of getting diagnosed with certain types of cancer, lung disease like asthma and skin related issues.

It is even more shocking to know that over a long period of time skin, hair and other body organs become weaker. At this point, they are prone to extreme absorption and inhalation of chlorine just from the shower water.

No matter where you live water filter is absolutely essential.  Initially, by trading your money for a high-quality one, you give an end to the vicious cycle of creating various disposal. Take into account all the refinery infrastructure that needs to be renewed often due to a higher level of pollution and more complex water structures.

This is the direct result of our consumption style, adding all the transportations fuels and packagings as well as a high level of water wast, everything deteriorates not only the quality of every individual life but also escalates the condition of water supplies.

Water filters make you and your family members less susceptible to contacting not only chlorine but also other detrimental solutions like nitrate and nitrite. On top of all, they make you immune to bacteria and viruses. lastly, you will contribute to the ecosystem and lead a sustainable lifestyle.

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