What are the Causes of Hair Loss?

Hair loss is normal as itself. This procedure is aligned with our growth and regression and other incidents of our own life, but it can get out of the typical cycle due to many reasons that we’re going to look at.

While we are aging, each one of the hair growth steps may become more sensitive to change. This change could be in the hormone level or life circumstances. Gradually these may cause miniaturization of hair strands, a process that occurs quite slowly, and it is not recognizable or evident for many.

By the consideration of that, it is surprising to know that any case of hair loss and its procedure of diagnosis is considered as a beauty treatment, and insurance doesn’t cover any of the expenses in most countries. Just as Andre Kirk Agassi said in his autobiography, early in his life:

When I was losing my hair, it was as if I was losing my own identity.

The same is true for many, and this health issue turns into a dilemma they should resolve. This phenomenon is so common that medical treatments with the worth of multibillion, are designed to tackle it. A sample of this could be that hair transparent industry worth and revenue will surpass the 24.8 billion dollars in the next five years.

Temporary Hair Loss: The Lull Before the Storm!

Before witnessing a widespread hair loss, temporary hair loss occurs. If you recognize the causes of hair loss early on, you can even treat them with remedies and limit the chance of advance and often expensive medical treatments. So, it is sober to observe your everyday health statues with extra attention and care.

This first symptom of hair loss is the spread of the scalp all over the scale. Patchy hair loss is the most common form of this case, particularly in men and women who are in their early or late thirties. You may see such a phenomenon so frequent that you don’t pay attention to it regularly.

When a cycle of hair growth is distributed, there would be a noticeable difference between the usual condition in terms of regrowth and hair loss cycle. This is a result of the destruction of hair roots and follicles. Many issues have a direct impact on the balance of hair growth and loss.

Sudden Hormones Changes.

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The most prevalent cause of hair loss, which is often neglected, is a sudden change in the state of hormones. This type of hair loss is known as Androgenic Alopecia.

This disruption shrinks the number of hair follicles, and those hairs that are falling will never grow back. In men, the pattern of hair loss is disparate from women. Men have M shape hair loss; on the other hand, females develop hair loss all over their head, and this starts with hairs become drastically thin in most places of the scale.

The good news is this type of illness can be diagnosed early on, and if they are adequately treated, your condition will get back to normal.

Thyroid Gland Imbalance.

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Another form of hormonal imbalance is the thyroid gland. Whether a thyroid gland is underactive or overactive in both cases, a noticeable hair loss occurs. Thyroid has a direct association with the development of a new strand of hair, more particularly their roots.

This gland plays a significant role in the supply of essentials for the hair regrowth. In the initial steps, the way you inspect this is to look through your hair and see if they are dry, brittle, and weak. This condition should be consistent all over the head, and it is unfocalized in sensitive areas like the hairline.

Now at what age or time, you need testing your Thyroid?

Generally, Thyroid has a massive part in controlling our metabolism. This translates into a system that converts food into energy. Consequently, all the organs that require energy to perform correctly are in direct need of the Thyroid regular and systematic work cycle.

Experts recommend by aging people to try to do a blood test for the Thyroid-stimulating hormone, the standard dosage of this hormone in the blood is 0.45 – 5.00 mIU/L. Also, if a sign of extreme fatigue, sold hand, weight gain, as well as dry skin is seen, it is better to check your Thyroid in an overall checkup.

Stress, Stress, and Stress!

The second most common cause of hair loss that happens for almost everyone is stress. The symptom of this is losing hair while you are sleeping. In this case, you see more strands of hair on your pillow than on the brush you use.

Stress blocks the final stage of the hair growth cycle, which is the telogen phase. This phase usually occurs two or three months after stressful incidents. So, a reverse lifestyle can take you back to the initial stage of health. (it’s an excellent solution to identify the triggers caused these circumstances and modify them.)

Diet & Nutritions.

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There are many damaging compounds in the air and surrounding. Especially when hair is exposed to the activated oxygen the impact of that should be neutralized to have a less harmful impact on the scalp and hair.

If the antioxidant mixture is not present in the body then, the destructive effects of reactive Oxygens actualize. To know more about the core of this substance, Antioxidant is a mixture of zinc, vitamin E and A and selenium. Also, a very utile antioxidant is vitamin C when it is combined with polyphenols.
It is important to know that creating a balance between oxidation and Antioxidation is vital and too much exogenous antioxidants will disturb the system of hairs. It would be the easiest fix if you inject natural compounds filled with antioxidants into your diet.

Instances of this can be plant-based food and the category of these grains, vegetables and dark red fruits which fits well in this proposed food. If you want to full fill deficiencies with the supplement you should consult your nutritionist or doctor.


It is known for many that iron and zinc deficiency leads to hair loss and of course a typical cause of hair loss is the lack of blood Iron. The symptoms you may see in the hair loss caused by an imbalance level of hormones are, for the most part, the same signs you experience if you have iron deficiency in your body.

Iron deficiency as a result of “not consuming a fatty diet” which can lead to hair loss. This specifically common for females. This is called hair loss caused by Anemia.

To avoid this condition, keep in mind to check your iron level and have a substantial dosage of Iron intake. The most practical solution to this problem is making some changes to your daily nutrition plan. You can find compound with Amino acid and protein in marine proteins such as Omega 3. For instance, legumes and pumpkin seeds, quinoa and turkey meat get the top spot as they are saturated with Iron. It is recommended to take 15 to 20 grams of Iron each day.

Vitamin D.

On top of those mentioned above, Vitamin D deficiency can be the leading cause of hair loss. One of the roles vitamin D has to stimulate hair follicles to grow. In reverse research on those folks who were diagnosed with Alopecia, it was seen that they had a drastic deficiency in the recommended amount of vitamin D.

This valuable vitamin has a crucial role in many compartments and organs of the body, more particularly hair and skin. In simple terms, follicles are just pored out of which hair would grow.

This vitamin has an important role in the production of follicles.  To have more follicles on the scalp, preservation, and maintenance of the concurrent healthy state of hair, volume, as well as density, is necessary.

If this subtly goes further scalp system blocks further hair loss of existing and grown strands. The addition of Vitamin D to diet also give more thickness to the hair. The best affirmative effect of this vitamin is that it doesn’t allow premature strands of hair to fall.

Folic Acid.

Folic acid is a necessary companion for all the three phases of healthy hair growth. If your intake of folic Acid is from natural resources, then it is believed that necessary compound known as folate is responsible for hair cell growth. Folate is a form of vitamin B and having that in the daily diet can be extremely beneficial.

Vitamin A.

Some other issues that are not recognized by the mass are a high level of vitamin A in the blood pressure. As the natural sources of Vitamin A do not have common usage among people, many may try substituting that with multivitamins and other supplements instead.

The daily dosage for adults is a maximum of 5,000 international units per day. Whereas many supplements have a higher dosage, they usually contain 2500 to 10.000 UI. Unintentional intake of this many vitamins A can cause an imbalance in your overall body function.

Protein Level.

Another less known cause of hair loss is a deficiency in the protein level. The body may compromise for this lack by blocking the growth of hair. You see a harsh case of hair loss, two to three months after the period your intake of protein was not substantial.

According to the studies, your body is in its best condition once you have protein intake every 5 to 6 hours a day. Other than a deficiency in the vitamin B level. Both vitamin B and protein can be found in fish and meat. Also, healthy fats such as avocado and nuts are excellent resources of vitamin B. They can help you substitute any vitamin deficiency you have.


Lupus is also another less known disease that leads to hair loss. In this illness, the body attacks its immune system. As Mayo Clinic says:

Lupus (SLE) can affect the joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart, and lungs.
Symptoms vary but can include fatigue, joint pain, rash, and fever. These can periodically get worse (flare-up) and then improve.
While there’s no cure for lupus, current treatments focus on improving quality of life through controlling symptoms and minimizing flare-ups. This begins with lifestyle modifications, including sun protection and diet. Further disease management includes medications, such as anti-inflammatories and steroids.

Once symptoms like painful and swollen joints, headaches as well as oral ulcers are seen. Along with this, if rashes are seen on the scale and by one a brush, many hairs fall. Lupus is diagnosed in the patients. Besides any form of deficiencies in these mentioned vitamins, some other nutritional lacks have a significant trace in the process of hair loss.

If you have enduring work agenda and your hours are full of stressful tasks, pay extra attention to the counteractive things you do to neutralize the pressure you are going through. For example, if you consume a high amount of caffeine or energy drinks, all these are escalating your hair loss situation. It is good did to try to eliminate these as much as possible.

Low intakes of any of these may directly influence the cycle of growth and rebirth of hair strands. So, ensure to check biotin and copper as well as vitamin C and D of in your blood system.

Hair loss issues caused by heredity and genetics, which can often be irreversible, are, among other reasons, why this might happen. If medical complications like chemotherapy, renal failure, liver disease, and diabetes are the direct cause of your hair loss, aren’t the reason you are going through hair loss, in this situation, the best and most convenient way of changing a hair loss statue is to do a series of minor changes in your daily lifestyle and start to take nutritional supplements.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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